Uh, @staff. It was a silent video of my kitten sleeping while I waved her paws in the air. I deleted it afterwards since I noticed it didn’t post right, which I’m now guessing is because it was removed first. I tried to upload it again because I didn’t see this email first–only to get another email telling me the next one was deleted for the same reason. 

I also see that the two videos of her I tried to post (where I taught her how to “sit”) a while back on another of my blogs earned me violations too. Didn’t notice since I rarely check that email, but now it makes sense why my videos aren’t working. Apparently whenever I post a video of Annabel, they’re violations since every single one has earned this and now I have four.

I don’t know if I can appeal these since I deleted the posts without knowing about the violations first, so I’m going to say it here: 

I’m not real happy about four threats to terminate my accounts for posting videos of a cat.

It’s been three years since I joined Tumblr, and I’ve never felt unwelcome, but here we are.

This is why I went quiet. I tried to post a video of Annabel, and all of this happened. I don’t understand, and I’m freaking out about this because I’m thinking of all of the content I’d lose if it did get terminated. 

So I’m going to be busy for a bit. I need to back up my stuff. I don’t why, but it never occurred to me how if I lost my Tumblr, I’d lose everything I’ve done. I don’t have bios, hcs, drabbles, etc. saved. I’m too freaked out not to do this, but I’ll be back ASAP.



mysterious skin (2004)



Joel Kinnaman photographed by Nino Muñoz for Café Magazine – 2014.



i’m not like you—i can’t be like you!