//Oh, see, I LOVE Manic! I think it’s great. But it’s still really hard to watch. Mysterious Skin is far and away a lot harder to watch though. It’s just- gut wrenching either way.

Have you seen Brick? THAT’S a GREAT movie. Without it being hard to watch too. God he’s a really actor.

{{ I thought Manic was a great movie too, but it’s just too close to home for me. I think for me, Mysterious Skin is something I can’t relate to so even though the content is worse, it’s not as bothersome to me. I think. I don’t really know why Manic bothered me so much, so I assume. They both are definitely disturbing, but in their own ways.

…Don’t hate me. I never finished Brick. I tried, then I got into a fight with my boyfriend at the time and completely forgot about it because guys are stupid. Now I need to see if it’s still on Netflix. I made it at least ¾ through though!! He really is good. Like… so good I made my dad go see Don Jon in theaters with me despite knowing alllll the sexual content that was going to be there. I’m such a good daughter. Let’s just… not talk about the scene against the door. BUT FOR THE JGL! Worth it. Precious babyface.

Also I’m going to take this opportunity to mention how much I love John Blake, and I blame his mun for that. HE WAS PRECIOUS, REMEMBER? I miss hiiiiim. He let me pet his hair. ❤ I also need to find an Arthur for my muses to click with one of these days. It never works. Harrumph. BUT I HAVE YOUR EAMES, SO I WIIIIN.  }}


A text that was supposed to be deleted, but accidentally sent please and thank you



[accidental text; Jaded] i’m pretty sure you’re already cocky as hell but i’m confused so shut up. like ok you’re the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen in my whole fucking life which is really weird because I mean I’ve literally dated a model before so what the fuck are you and why are you like that? are you literally made of fairy dust or? it’s fucking with my head

[txt: Bone head] What fucking other guys? This isn’t a thing I do.
[txt: Bone head] Jesus, I was joking about not being invited. For fuck sake. Even if I had been, what you said makes sense. Planned months ago. Boring. Whatever.
[txt: Bone head] It’s whatever.
[txt: Bone head] You don’t need to explain yourself, or anything really, to me
[txt: Bone head] You can do what you want with who you want.
[txt: Bone head] It’s not like we said we were anything really. Or wouldn’t see other people.
[txt: Bone head] We’re only just starting whatever this is.
[txt: Bone head] So, yeah. Just enjoy yourself tonight.

[text; Jaded] The ones you walked out on? Those ones? Those weren’t things?
[text; Jaded] I’m explaining because I care about you and want you to know. When you hurt, I hurt. Simple as that.
[text; Jaded] If you don’t want to admit your own feelings to yourself, that’s cool, but I don’t have that problem.
[text; Jaded] I want you. Just you. I’ve told you that. I tell you how I feel. You act like even HAVING those feelings would be the end of your world. I don’t get it. But whatever this is? On my end, I don’t care. I don’t need a name for it. I’m yours now. That’s all.
[text; Jaded] yeah, okay


//I won’t. I stop when there’s only like twenty minutes left. Because I canNOT watch Neil be raped and beat. I can’t. I’ve been through enough with that movie. If I ever meet JGL, I will cry to him about that movie. Because I can’t IMAGINE the energy it takes to play that role. Because the energy is takes to WATCH it is nearly unbearable.

{{ Good. The ending hurts me the most. And I am good with that plan, but if you cry too hard and forget to bring up precious precious Arthur I will be upset forever. And man. I think this might actually be the only movie I regret watching out of all the terrible things I’ve seen. But I couldn’t stop. One of his other early ones (it’s Manic which I refuse to ever watch again) hurts me too, and it was the same problem. Baby JGL getting hurt is something I can’t look away from, and I can’t imagine how it felt to play those roles either. }}

[txt: Bone head] I’m bored [txt: Bone head] And I’d like for you to entire me [txt: Bone head] So let’s play a little game


[text; Jaded] I’m so flattered you’re texting me cause you’re bored. much love to you too

[text; Jaded] ok, Jigsaw. shoulda guessed. if anyone was ever gonna start a real-life version of Saw, it’d be you

[text; Jaded] tell me what it is and i’ll tell you if i’m feelin obliging


[txt: Bone head] ‘keep your hands to yourself’. Is that what you call it? 😉 And yes. Yes I am greedy. I will admit fully and without shame.

[txt: Bone head] My glower will strike fear into your soul

[txt: Bone head] … Ok. As long as you don’t need that distress part, I guess I can be your damsel.

[txt: Bone head] Oh, well if your basement is cooler than his entire mansion, then OBVIOUSLY you’re the man I need to be with. Forget Luigi. You’re the one for me, Samson, that’s all there is to it.

[txt: Bone head] If he ships Daisy and Gatsby, I will chew his face off until he changes his mind and sees the light.

[txt: Bone head] Mmhmm. You’re a perv. NOW we don’t ever have to talk about it again.

[txt: Bone head] … Yeah, I do, I trust you.

[txt: Bone head] I will judge how I fell about this star AFTER I get it and judge whether or not it’s good enough. So we shall wait.

[txt: Bone head] You made it a lot better actually. That was actually… Damn near perfect. All teasing and joking aside, thank you, Samson. For helping to settle my nerves, for saying you were nervous meeting Callie when she wasn’t your kid. Thanks.

[txt: Bone head] Ewwwwww, you like dirty piercings. You’re weeeeeeird.

[txt: Bone head] You’re right, Luigi and Daisy. I can decide who I’m more over the moon about.

[txt: Bone head] I look nothing like a hippie, you’re wrong and I’ll kick you in the shin.

[txt: Bone head] … I’m interested in a guy who’s a bigger badass than I am. Though, I’m pretty sure qualifying you as a badass for torching a bible makes me morally bankrupt.

[txt: Bone head] Like F.O.I.L. Got it. Also, bible stories have never seemed more interesting to me. Whores and death?! Hell yeah!

[txt: Bone head] … I have to earn a visit to your bedroom?

[text; Jaded] if I wanna keep my “complete gentleman” card, uh, yeah. patience is a thing, miss needy. now you’re makin me contemplate the benefits of makin you wait

[text; Jaded] naw but if it makes you feel bettter, it’ll probably turn me on

[text; Jaded] about time you admit it. been that along, so ha

[text; Jaded] yeah, yeah, sounds nice and all but if you kill me for my basement like you were gonna do to him, I will haunt your ass. especially if that ass is wearin something nice. tread lightly

[text; Jaded] …you’re gonna eat my best friend? I knew it would happen. this. this is where I draw the line. you zombie-ify my friend and I will never forgive you

[text; Jaded] you’re calling the one whose hand you’re demanding be on your ass a perv? tsk. you make this so easy

[text; Jaded] good. I trust you too.

[text; Jaded] I can’t believe I actually pulled something off without making it worse. what gets me is that you’re still here, so… thanks back.

[text; Jaded] I am so not. I am the most normal person ever 

[text; Jaded] Meeee. It’s me. That’s the answer you’re lookin for.

[text; Jaded] you do that. I’ve been looking for an excuse

[text; Jaded] I mean, sure. we’ll go with that. I’d say more like “stupid kid who wasn’t thinking of consequences” but sure. Badass. Like that better. As for you, you’ll be fine. if you go to hell, I’ll come find you and it’ll be like old times. Just… y’know. Hotter. 

[text; Jaded] I don’t know what that is, but I’m guessing math so yes, yes, like that. Man, just you wait. Dirty stuff abounds if you know where to look. Just don’t expect happy endings and it’ll be great

[text; Jaded] naw, you have to earn seeing it. if you’re in my bedroom, ha. no. you can look at the painting afterwards. but again, first you gotta earn it






…I’d demand you watch it now but for once it’s so painful that I wouldn’t want you to. so we can switch sides from when you told me not to do it and I’ll tell you not to. stay innocent. innocent-ish. you’ve seen enough.

(says the person who made you watch Deliverance on date night)   }}


mysterious skin (2004)