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First blog post

First blog post

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Uh, @staff. It was a silent video of my kitten sleeping while I waved her paws in the air. I deleted it afterwards since I noticed it didn’t post right, which I’m now guessing is because it was removed first. I tried to upload it again because I didn’t see this email first–only to get another email telling me the next one was deleted for the same reason. 

I also see that the two videos of her I tried to post (where I taught her how to “sit”) a while back on another of my blogs earned me violations too. Didn’t notice since I rarely check that email, but now it makes sense why my videos aren’t working. Apparently whenever I post a video of Annabel, they’re violations since every single one has earned this and now I have four.

I don’t know if I can appeal these since I deleted the posts without knowing about the violations first, so I’m going to say it here: 

I’m not real happy about four threats to terminate my accounts for posting videos of a cat.

It’s been three years since I joined Tumblr, and I’ve never felt unwelcome, but here we are.

This is why I went quiet. I tried to post a video of Annabel, and all of this happened. I don’t understand, and I’m freaking out about this because I’m thinking of all of the content I’d lose if it did get terminated. 

So I’m going to be busy for a bit. I need to back up my stuff. I don’t why, but it never occurred to me how if I lost my Tumblr, I’d lose everything I’ve done. I don’t have bios, hcs, drabbles, etc. saved. I’m too freaked out not to do this, but I’ll be back ASAP.


I’ll be throwing up a few starters for him before I switch to mobile, so you’ll have a selection of them to choose from :3 give him whoever you feel like giving him!

{{ huzzah! I’ll look for them tomorrow. since i’m pretty sure i’ll pass out soon. so thank you!!! }}


@xxvainqueur psssssst look over here 😉

{{ !!!!!!!!!! as soon as i’m not dead-tired, i’m figuring out a way to throw someone at him.  i’ll create a Pokemon verse for this, i stg. he’s glorious. and uh, halloween birthday, plus his main priority is taking care of them? precious in a bottle is what he is. i already adore him. ❤ }}

[txt: Bone head] I’m bored [txt: Bone head] And I’d like for you to entire me [txt: Bone head] So let’s play a little game


[text; Jaded] I’m so flattered you’re texting me cause you’re bored. much love to you too

[text; Jaded] ok, Jigsaw. shoulda guessed. if anyone was ever gonna start a real-life version of Saw, it’d be you

[text; Jaded] tell me what it is and i’ll tell you if i’m feelin obliging


[txt: Bone head] … I’m not as needy as you think, mister. So there.

[txt: Bone head] Me trying to burn a hole into you with my mind is going to turn you on? Prepare to be turned on a lot whenever we’re together.

[txt: Bone head] Pretty cocky for a man who I only JUST said agreed to be his damsel.

[txt: Bone head] I’ll make sure to wear something nice and tight every single day then.

[txt: Bone head] I’m sorry, but if he ships Daisy and Gatsby, consider him already zombified! I simply will not STAND to be in the presence of somebody who thinks they belong together! As your damsel, I would hope you’d side with me in this…

[txt: Bone head] No, I’m calling the man who’s dating somebody a few years older than his daughter a perv. As for your hand on my ass- yeah, I got nothing. It’d just be nice.

[txt: Bone head] Good.

[txt: Bone head] I’m interrupting this conversation to say that tv just said ‘have you got wood?’ So I’m pretty sure it’s the TV that’s the perv…

[txt: Bone head] Well you make it easy to want to stay around… So… Yeah.

[txt: Bone head] Oh, yeah. You. The dark horse. Daisy, Luigi, you. Hmmm… How will I ever decide between a flighty, cheating ditz, a pixelated plumber, or 6 feet of tattooed attractive man… Really difficult here.

[txt: Bone head] Looking for an excuse to what?

[txt: Bone head] Yeeeah, I don’t think that probably turned out too well. You probably pissed off a lot of people. For the record, my hair REALLY doesn’t do well in the humidity, so I won’t be a happy camper in hell. Even if you are there with me.


[txt: Bone head] Oh my god. My head hurts from laughing so hard.

[text; Jaded] you tryin to convince me or you?

[text; Jaded] am I dreaming or did someone say I can make her smile? besides, you say that like I ain’t got that problem already 

[text; Jaded] stop fighting this and let me live happily ever after, damsel

[text; Jaded] okay but have fun getting your ass tickled by a ghost

[text; Jaded] you don’t even know what he ships thouuugh. I remember him mentioning a Jordan? he liked Jordan. does that make him non-zombie? is she good? don’t make me choose between my damsel and my… god. what the hell is Jude. heir? he’d be mad if I called him a princess so sure we’ll go with that. he’s my heir now. don’t make me do that


[text; Jaded] idk sometimes that works on Callie still. sometimes.

[text; Jaded] …the hell’re you watching? stop watching porn. it’s very undamsellike and I will not stand for it unless I’m right there beside you then maybe it’s ok?

[text; Jaded] you can punch me later for this but you’re so fucking adorable

[text; Jaded] I dunno. We both know Luigi would make you happier. I can’t compete with his sense of style. it’s okay to admit it

[text; Jaded] you’ll see

[text; Jaded] yeaaaah. ever been caned before? that shit hurts. worth it. so when and if we wind up in hell, I should first worry about your hair lookin okay?

[text; Jaded] ……

[text; Jaded] while you’re in your room thinkin bout the things you’ve done, put on a cone of shame while you’re at it