#[ I pretty much figure this is what the morning after the first night they actually spend together winds up like#because I don’t see them actually sleeping with one another being like a thing#at least at first#because she won’t want to be the weird woman at breakfast the next morning in last night’s clothes in front of Amita#and he probably wouldn’t be able to stay with her because Amita#but anyway#things finally get all worked out and he can actually stay cause maybe Callie promised to be there?#so they got to spend the entire night together uninterrupted#and actually share a bed and sleep together#and wake up with one another#that first gif tho kills me XD#she’s like waking up like fuck what is this its light outside oh hey kisses I like that#I also get the feeling that they would spend the rest of their time in bed like that until he had to go#and she’d definitely be trying to get him to stay as long as possibl#I just have feels about this gifset okay lol XD ]


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